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Our Singing Waiters



A wedding needs waiters right ? 
But EVERY wedding needs VIP Waiters to set the place a light. 
By adding that little touch of magic to that very special day, in a secret service kind of way.
Seamlessly blending in serving with the other staff, conversing with the guests and making them laugh.
Whilst being attentive to the Brides and grooms on there day, a glass of Prosecco a canapé.
To a day that  just couldn’t get any better Bang crash wallop! VIP waiter takes down a love letter.
As he is helped to his feet he starts to sing and one by one the guests stand on chairs and join in, as the room starts to fill with adrenaline.
Suddenly the party starts earlier then expected, by the people nobody suspected. 

So remember when choosing The date, 
The venue,The wine, the seating plan
 The sample menu.
The DJ, The best man, The keepsakes.
The flower girls,The page boys,
The hand crafted cakes.
Even the confetti made from recycled papers, So add that little something special and choose the VIP waiters.


Main course 

So you've choosen  the VIP waiters your wondering what happens now ?
Confirm the date and the venue and we'll deal with the when and the how.
We will send you a choice of songs to get the party underway.
We will happily learn your favourites if they flow in the set on the day.
So once we've confirmed the date, the package, the songs and the fee.
We just need the location of the wedding breakfast, manor house, barn or marquee.
Can you keep a secret ? 
As that's the golden rule.
Then there's nothing left to do or say until the day of the fall.
Just leave it to our professional vocalists and entertainers. 
With many years of experience, 
now disguised as your VIP waiters.



The waiters spot is the surprise during the meal, 
but for an additional fee You can also get the 1st dance party deal. 

A 10 song evening set and the 1st dance for a little more magic on the day. 
Another way to get the crowd warmed up before the DJ. 

So even though the waiter spot is perfect you may want a little more. 
Like your first dance being sung as you take to the floor.

Followed by a party set of music old and new. 
The waiter spot, 1st dance and evening set handpicked just for you .

So get in touch today and we will send you a free quote. 
If you want the 1st dance party deal just make a little note.

Then as long as the dates available we can work out a Fee, 
adding that little something special performed by your very own VIP.

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Very Important Performers

Our waiters are singers, entertaining whilst playing the part, with many years of experience trained in the performing arts.
Treading the boards over many a year, bringing joy a smile and sometimes a tear. 
Performing to audiences large and small, now starting your show with an epic fall.
All genres of music with a large repetorie, 
a conga, a singalong, a cool air guitar.

They will have you up dancing and singing along with ease, to karaoke classics and 80s cheese. 
Power rock athems to rock n roll jives, silly party dances and mr bright side.
What ever the occasion party, corporate or wedding. The VIP waiters bring more than just singing. 

As it’s not just the singing I’m sure you’ll agree. It’s about adding that little something special choose us and you'll see.
So please don’t just book any singing waiters,
Book a VIP.